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Posted by Quinn Warnick March 14, 2011 Comments Off

I hope all of you are enjoying Week 9, a.k.a., Spring Break. Before you left for the break, you and your teammates should have assigned individual tasks that need to be done during this week to maintain your momentum on the collaborative project. (That said, I hope everyone takes at least a few days of genuine vacation!)

Next week, we will pick up where we left off and begin drafting sections of your reports and proposals. On Tuesday, we will discuss the basics of document design, then conduct an in-class workshop on using style sheets in Microsoft Word. Before you come to class, please read Chapter 5 in the textbook, as well as Tips for Understanding Styles in Word and MS Word Styles. You don’t need to print out these last two documents, and you should ignore the fact that these instructions may be for older versions of Word than you are currently using. The purpose of reading these two articles is to help you understand the logic behind using styles.

On Thursday, we will return to our discussion about proposal writing, and your team will begin drafting the situation and methods sections of your report or proposal. As time allows, I will meet briefly with each team to make sure things are going well.

Finally, please keep in mind that your team should be wrapping up its “data collection” phase by the end of Week 10. After that point, you should be focused entirely on drafting your report/proposal and your other deliverables. If you need help at any point along the way, remember that I am ready and willing to meet with your team to discuss your project.

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