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Posted by Quinn Warnick March 25, 2011 Comments Off

I hope that our in-class writing session yesterday was productive for everyone. From this point on, you should be directing your full attention to drafting the report/proposal and your deliverables. Remember that I am NOT the primary audience for these documents; your client is the primary reader, so write the documents with him or her in mind.

Next Tuesday will be our last day for in-class team meetings. I will hold a short conference with each team, but otherwise you will have the hour to work on your documents. You should bring drafts of all of your documents (report/proposal, plus any additional deliverables) to class and be prepared to walk me through them. I don’t expect these documents to be polished, but they should be more than just outlines or notes.

On Thursday, we will conduct a team critique exercise to help you identify and eliminate problems in your documents. At minimum, your team should come to class with two printed copies of your report/proposal. If you have drafts of your other deliverables, that’s even better (bring two printed copies of those, too). One of the other teams will read your document(s) with a critical eye, and you will do the same for them.

A final reminder: Your finished proposal/report, along with all of your other deliverables, will be due on Thursday, April 7, which will be here before you know it. Please make sure your team paces itself to avoid a last-minute panic.

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