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Posted by Quinn Warnick April 1, 2011 1 Comment

I was very happy to see how well our Green Team / Red Team review session went yesterday, and I hope that each team left class with a long list of suggestions for improving your reports/proposals. Next week I will be attending a professional conference, so we will not meet as a full class. You should, however, use our class time to meet with your teammates to put the finishing touches on all of your deliverables for Unit #3. As you work on your project, refer to three documents for guidance: (1) the original assignment sheet, (2) your team’s memorandum of understanding, and (3) the “Final Checklist” document I gave you in class on Thursday.

Your final project is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 12. Please bring printed copies of all deliverables and all supporting materials described in your team’s original MOU. In addition, please upload a PDF version of your team’s report/proposal to Google Docs and share it with my Gmail address. Specific directions for submitting your project can be found on the Unit #3 assignment sheet and on the Final Checklist.

For the final project, we will shift our attention from written communication to oral and visual communication. In class on Tuesday, April 12, we will discuss the details of the assignment and map out our plans for the final weeks of the semester. Your only homework for Tuesday is to finish the Unit #3 project.

On Thursday, we will begin our exploration of oral presentations. Please read Chapter 11 in the textbook before you come to class, and be ready to answer (with specific details) these two questions: What is the worst PowerPoint presentation you’ve ever seen? What is the best PowerPoint presentation you’ve ever seen? (Update: Try to watch a few Pecha Kucha presentations before you come to class, and if you find one that you really like, add a link to it in the comments section of this post. You might want to begin your search at one of these two sites: PechaKucha Night or Ignite.)

If your team has any questions about wrapping up the collaborative project, please let me know. (I will be checking email while I’m out of town and I’ll respond to your messages as quickly as I can.) Otherwise, I will see you on the 12th!