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The photos you brought to class on Thursday looked very promising, and at this point you should be editing (or in some cases, reshooting) those photos, then integrating them with the written text for your Instructable.

During Week 6, we’ll wrap up the Instructables unit, then turn our attention to Unit #3, a collaboratively written recommendation report. To help me put you into balanced teams, please print out and complete the Teaming Inventory document (linked on the Readings page), then bring the results page with you to class on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we’ll conduct a peer-review workshop for the Instructables assignment, so you should have a complete draft of your project (images and text) uploaded to the site before you come to class. You shouldn’t “publish” your project, but you should make sure that your images and text are divided into the appropriate number of steps and that you have added annotations to your images as needed.

On Thursday, you will submit your Unit #2 memo at the beginning of class. (Please refer to the assignment sheet for submission instructions.) I will place you into teams for Unit #3, and you’ll hold your first team meeting to establish your team’s policies and procedures. In addition, we will discuss the role of ethics in technical communication, so please read Chapter 3 in the textbook before you come to class.

As always, if you have any questions, or if you want to talk about your Instructables project, just let me know.

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